Виставка Biofach (www.biofach.de) has been gathering organic producers from all over the world for the twenty-ninth year running. The first event was initiated involving 197 participants and 2,500 visitors in Ludwigshafen. Since 1999 BioFach has been held in Nuremberg, where the number of visitors has increased up to 21,000 and exhibiting companies several times and amounted to 1,276 during its first-year event. From 2019 the organizer of the National Pavilion is Agroportex.bio. The company was established as a separate direction on “Development of the organic market of Ukraine and promotion of organic products made in Ukrainian” in 2017 within the framework of the project “Agroport Ukraine”.

BioFach 2019 starts on February 13 and will last until February 16. The National Pavilion of Ukraine will be presented for the sixth time at the leading worldwide organic event: Hall 4A, exhibition stand 4A-511.

Exhibiting hours: 9:00am to 6:00pm and 9:00am to 5:00pm on the final day (16.02.2019).

So, how much should you spend to take part in BioFach 2019? This issue is probably of interest to many players in the organic market of Ukraine, especially those who only set up this business and have not yet decided to participate as exhibiting company, but the status of visitor which will allow establishing business relationships is precisely what they need. Moreover, there are many opportunities to participate at a distance, more details see on the official website of Organic Ukraine Business Hub.

Traditionally Agroportex.bio has prepared advice for those who make preparations for a trip to Nuremberg. As an assistant to farmers on organic market, this resource will help both to communicate with potential partners and also to plan trips to the specific events so that they were most advantageous and productive. And the only tool you need is a smartphone that`s always kept on hand.

#1 Ticket for BioFach 2019

If you plan to visit all exhibition days, it is much cheaper to buy a ticket on the Internet. In this case, it will cost EUR 53.00. It gives access to the exhibition for all days.

Ticket for BioFach 2019 purchased when the event is being held will cost EUR 65.00.

Booking online


#2 Transport to Nuremberg

To book tickets on WizzAir.comis cost-efficient. It makes no sense to consider other options for transfers since this low-cost carrier will allow being in Nuremberg in 2 hours after departure from Kyiv. They offer a direct flight from “Kyiv” International Airport (Zhuliany). By the way, the most convenient dates for departure are on February 11 (from Kyiv) at 7:25 am, 2 days before the exhibition, and from Nuremberg on February 15 at 9:20 pm, the next-to-last day of BioFach 2019.

If you buy tickets on WizzAir*, please note that the minimum air fare (BASIC TRAVEL LIGHT) includes only hand luggage up to 10 kilograms for the round-trip tickets amounting approx. EUR 44.00. If you take the additional bag up to 20 kilograms (WIZZ GO PACK & SAVE), the cost of tickets will increase up to approx. EUR 127.00 for the round-trip tickets. You can book them on website or through the mobile application.

*Ticket prices are constantly changing, depending on the time left before the departure.

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Those who live in Kyiv have some advantages, since direct flight is from Zhuliany, but residents of other regions have to spend about EUR 30.00 to travel to Kyiv and back. You can book the tickets online or through the mobile application.

Booking online | GooglePlay | AppStore

#3 Documents

If you have a biometric passport, you do not need to worry about a visa.

When you travel to Germany it is better to have tickets for the exhibition printed out, confirmation for the accommodation booked and return flight tickets.

#4 Transport to the exhibition place and city trips through Nuremberg

To travel through Nuremberg, the most cost-efficient to buy the travel ticket (Zone A) for public transport. You can travel free of charge by metro during the exhibition by showing a ticket of a visitor to BioFach. Therefore, if you do not plan other trips, you can save on the travel ticket.

But if you don`t want to be restricted only by metro trips, choose the 7-Tage-MobiCard ticket. It costs EUR 26.70, valid for 7 days and gives you the possibility to use all types of public transport, except for a taxi. It can be purchased at the airport on the day of arrival. But we advise you to order it online on the website or through the mobile application of the carrier since after the flight you can stand in long queues to the “ticket machines”.

Booking online  | GooglePlay | AppStore

#5 Accommodation

You can find different options for your accommodation by searching on booking.com the prices for the hotels start from EUR 430.00 per day, but it is much cheaper to book individual apartments on airbnb.com, where you can find cost-efficient options. Hostel prices start at EUR 30.00 per night, individual rooms – from EUR 60.00 (for early booking – from EUR 40.00). We recommend choosing accommodation in Nuremberg. To travel from the main railway station to the place of BioFach 2019 will take about 20 minutes.

Booking online  | GooglePlay | AppStore

#6Plans for the meetings

The organizers of the exhibition launched useful resource for all participants from 2018, where everyone can submit online application for the meeting to be organized during BIOFACH 2019: b2match.io

Each visitor can use free the room for business meetings, if registered online.

#7 Business program

Dozens of conferences and seminars will be held during four days of the exhibition. See a detailed program at Biofach.de.

See more interesting information about Ukrainian Pavilion, its participants and events on the web-site of the organizers: buyorganic.in.ua

#8 Ukrainian traditions

If you plan to visit Ukrainian pavilion on February 14, do not forget to take vyshyvanka (traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt) with you.

A joint photo of Ukrainian participants and partners of Ukrainian Pavilion will be made in the Ukrainian Pavilion at the background of the record National Flag at 5:30 pm: Hall 4A, exhibition stand 4A-511.

#9 Additional costs: Internet, mobile communications and nutrition

You will need the Internet both at the exhibition and while walking through the Nuremberg. There are two options – to buy a one-time card, which costs EUR 20-30, or you can use Ukrainian mobile operator roaming options. For example, if you top up your Vodafone account for UAH 500.00, you will receive 500 MB, 500 minutes for calls and 500 SMS & MMS in all directions. For planned calls and navigator application, it will be quite enough.

If you visit BioFach 2019, there is no sense to buy a tourist card in Nuremberg. It gives you only two free trips and two free tickets to the museums, and costs around EUR 28. Spending the same amount you will have a travel ticket for all types of transport.

To plan your meal and a “cultural program” so that at least roughly calculate the amount required, you can use the Internet services for the tourists, forums or guides. Alternatively, you can try to find food outlets offering good prices at www.tripadvisor.ru.

Optimum cost of your visit (excluding food)

1 Biofach Ticket 4-day exhibition EUR 53.00
2 WizzAir tickets Kyiv-Nuremberg-Kyiv EUR 44.00
3 Railway round trip ticket to/from Kyiv (in Ukraine) EUR 30.00
4 Travel ticket through Nuremberg 7 days (Zone A) EUR 26.70
5 Accommodation 4 nights EUR 240.00
6 Mobile communications 500 MB/500 min. EUR 16.00
 IN TOTAL: EUR 409.70

To conclude, if to calculate key costs, we can see that to visit BioFach 2019 from Ukraine will cost about EUR 400.00 (if to make all preparations by February 9).

It is worth taking into account that you should have some funds for unbudgeted expenses. In order to ensure a return from these “investments”, do not forget to plan your business meetings at the exhibition in your online account on BioFach 2019 website!

For visitors who wish to employ travel agencies` services, there are package offers provided:

2 nights – from EUR 500.00 incl. VAT

4 nights – from EUR 700.00 incl. VAT

For information: (+38 044) 33-888-44